How long does it take to create a brand?

24 Oct

How long should/does it take to design a Web site? Brochure? Letterhead? Etc. Write a news release? Ah, the million dollar questions.

We have clients who fully trust our expertise. We have captured their voice and share a full, proven library of images everyone loves. So, website changes are almost instantaneous. Brochures can roll out in a week or two, depending on their purpose. Letterhead is quick. News releases are lightning fast and super effective.

We also have clients who trust us but suffer from paralysis by analysis. No matter how much we expertly advise them on compelling research and proven copy-writing strategies, they’ll rethink and refigure every step of the way, adding weeks or even months to the projects.

Some clients have a straight-forward, almost widget-like, product or service that is quickly and simply described. Others have more significant customer education hurdles to conquer, so more time is sometimes required.

Every case is different.

The great thing is that our team has enough experience working together now that, after one or two meetings to outline the client’s particular situation, we can very accurately estimate the timing their efforts will require. Another great thing about our approach is that we don’t want to redesign a logo and then look the other direction hoping that it works. We’re not interested in throwing up the site the client describes and then not watching to see how that translates in any end result. We’re all about the comprehensive approach so we can see the relationships turn into results and vice versa. That, in turn, trims time and maximizes effectiveness of other projects. So, investing in one project is like investing in all other projects simultaneously and getting one cohesive, consistent message your audience can really “get”. It’s motivating internally among your team members as well as externally among your ideal audiences. It works.

That’s the answer, then, to your initial question. How long does it take? However long it takes to WORK!


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