Is this PR? Everything I Never Expected

6 Feb

Public relations students are prepared for the worst. We’re taught the world is against us, labeling us as “spin doctors” and “flacks.” Our professors tell us that, once we graduate, we’re going to be thrown to the wolves, not starting with a clean slate, but with a damaged reputation that must be rebuilt.

So I was taken aback when I met Laurie Taylor, founder and project manager of Beacon Public Relations.

She didn’t treat me like an underqualified, inexperienced sophomore PR student…which I am…but warmly welcomed me with her bright smile and contagious positive energy. Just like she does with every one of her clients.

As an intern at Beacon PR, I’ve experienced a side of public relations that I haven’t been taught. I’m not overlooked, I’m valued. I’m not begging for opportunities to prove myself, they’re thrown at me. Within a month, I’ve drawn up news releases, started blogging as a professional, created a client database and sat in on client meetings. Beacon has actually made me a part of its family, not just thrown me in the guestroom.

The professionals I’ve been blessed to know in this office are wonderful. Walking through the door, I’m not greeted with a flash of eye-contact by cold workaholics. Instead, it’s a genuine “Kaitlyn! How are you?”  This isn’t just a commercial PR firm. Beacon makes a point to give every client the attention he or she deserves and overachieves to bring the most satisfaction and results. Something I’ve experienced for myself.

I cannot wait to learn more. So far, public relations has been everything I never expected.


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