Event Coordination—The Beacon Way

10 Feb

You might think corporate events are pointless and unnecessary; just an excuse to get out of the office and eat some cake. My Beacon colleagues, as public communicators, are encouraging me (and you) to see corporate events as an impactful and creative way to reach your public.

As a business, you must minimize the perception that your company doesn’t understand the needs of the public and has overriding self-interests at heart. You must create trust and credibility between your publics. The way to do that is through sincere interaction.

Here are a few of the event coordination services Beacon offers to you.

Corporate anniversaries inspire employee and customer loyalty, attract positive press attention and reinforce your brand. This is a great opportunity to launch new company initiatives and showcase company contributions to clients and the community.

News Conferences obviously generate greater attention the your most exciting news, to advance the cause of your business or organization. These events give the public more information about your program, are outlets for public announcements and are a good way to boost your morale. Yes, they boost morale because your team’s efforts are celebrated in a big-time, public way. News conferences are also interactive, giving you the chance to show your company personality.

Photo/video shoots increase and improve the overall perception of your company. Professional photos enhance your online presence, publicity, professional appearance and brand image. Studies show that about 65 percent of people are visual learners. Giving your public the “wow” factor with high resolution photos is a great way to promote your brand. Photo and video shoots can transform from an employee and/or model-only event to a customer/client/patient appreciation event. Candid, natural images, testimonials and content can be leveraged when the “shoot” is a party or an event. Release forms, scheduling and all the technicalities are handled in full by your friends at Beacon!

Open houses strengthen relationships with the community, showcase your business and educate the public about your company. By hosting an open house, you express appreciation to your existing clients and literally welcome new customers into your corporate home. A pointless open house is a lost cause, but a message-packed, strategic open house can create big results.

Focus groups are useful tools that give you access to real people and real feedback about your organization. Through focus groups, you can discover ideas of how to market your brand more efficiently, find out what your true public image is and see what your customers want from your company. The sky’s the limit with what can data can be uncovered through focus groups, but they can turn into marketing tactics on their own as each participant leaves a positive, educated ambassador for your cause.

Grand openings introduce your business to the people. They generate publicity, draw in new customers, showcase to the public who you are and what your organization is all about and make your customers feel valued and important. Taking the time to communicate with your public directly shows that you’re dedicated and working hard to please the community. Chamber ribbon cuttings are one thing, but taking the strategy of your organizations kick off to a new “grand” level will make a much bigger splash than running the traditional “grip & grin” handshake image in the local news.

Guest speakers give a personality to your company brand. You can tie your company to a certain personality by the type of speaker you use to communicate to your public. Beacon’s own speakers have helped launch new divisions. The Beacon team has also helped find the right speaker to add a taste of celebrity attraction to your event.

Event planning is a unique and strategic marketing tool that increases company visibility and connects directly with the public. As always, there’s a Beacon way that boils down to relationships and results. It’s all about good thinking, strategic leverage and tactical detail delivery, they say. I’m loving learning from this team!


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