The ABCs of Marketing – A is for Aura

21 Sep

Have you ever walked into a room or stepped outside and discovered a certain smell that floods your mind with memories and thoughts? It’s as if you’ve traveled back in time to rediscover something.

Have you seen the color studies that report people feeling sick in a room painted one color, energetic in a room painted another color, calm in a room painted yet another color, etc.?


Whether smell, sight or some other sense, human beings have an intriguing power to associate what we sense with a finite perception.


That’s what branding is.


What do people feel when they see your building or remember their experience with you? Do people love Coca Cola in part because of the adorable panda bears at Christmas time? Would this cozy connotation matter if the soda tasted gross?


What do people think of when they hear your name, see your venue, watch your ad, read your post or spot your logo? WHAT IS YOUR AURA; the essence of you? What are all the senses that are stimulated, memories evoked and connotations associated when you are in their thoughts? That moment is an enormous privilege – the moment “when you are in their thoughts.” Everything matters! Your branding, your service. That is the one moment when our teaching to you about how “everything is public relations” comes to one point of truth. This aura is the value of your brand and it must be created and maintained with care.


You must work diligently from within your organization out to your audiences to clear up any confusion, define your value to the customer and drive a clear message through masterful marketing and quality products or services. Whether you’re streamlining an understanding of your message through a leading-edge app; some print piece or materials like brochures and flyers; an online effort via website, blog or social media; or delivering in-person messages at networking events and/or speaking engagements; the more clear YOU are about your brand, the more memorable you can be to others.


:: Here’s to a great aura and a positive ongoing brand for you. ::



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