The ABCs of Marketing – B is for Beacon

25 Sep

Is life  mostly smooth-sailing in your world these days? Or are you recovering from a storm? Either way, are you anticipating a few upcoming waves? Like a crew on the sea diligently trying to reach success, doesn’t the idea of a tireless beacon of light signaling your best direction sound refreshing as you emerge from the dark to a safe place to rest up, regroup and stay the course? This concept is at the core and obvious namesake of Beacon Public Relations, here to steady the path and light the way to clients’ better relationships and stronger results for years to come.

As I write this, I sit in a teeny office right across from Stillwater, Oklahoma’s historic Postal Plaza. It’s now under renovation to become an art gallery and museum, I’m told. I walked up those steps years ago to meet with the board of a local non profit organization and their director, who is now a dear friend. I’d had wonderful professional developments and worked in agencies representing multiple clients before. However, my work with that non profit organization provided me the discovery of how a partnership – the beacon-style partnership like a steady lighthouse to a powerful ship – could be such a wonderful journey to share.

Wherever you are in your journey, consider the right partners to serve as your beacon. Spend time instilling your vision into them so they can unite as your comprehensive resource for security and success. From CPAs and financial planners, to employees, contractors and vendors – not to mention your Beacon PR trainers – choose your light source carefully. Please also allow me to stray from professional norms a moment and share my own personal belief that your career must be showered in prayer. Using discipline to focus on God’s intention throughout your days will open channels to joy and help reveal the right partners. Our awesome counselor will surprise you with countless opportunities and challenges, staying with you along the way. Trust Him and surrender. Follow THE beacon and, who knows, maybe that’ll lead to a partnership with Beacon PR someday! We sure love our days (storms & all) and our clients! :: We hope you love your days, too. ::


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