GOOD thinking

16 Oct

Do you apathetically sell widgets? Or is your company really contributing something good?

When I asked the question, “What are you doing?” of my oldest daughter who was then a toddler, she used to crack me up by responding “good.” I think she had “good” hard wired into her social graces catalog of responses since adults often ask “How are you doing” and reply “Good” to each other. But her spin on the “What are you doing” question had me thinking…what if we all could honestly say we are DOING GOOD? Would we not be more committed to our days’ agendas and committed tasks?

Are you doing good? Are you excited about your work? Are you thinking it through with a balance of practicality and creative flair? It is our hope that you are loving what you do and that you are doing something you consider to be good; to be worthwhile.

At Beacon PR, we consider our work to be our ministry. If you’re doing something good, you’ve tapped right into the heart and passion of the Beacon PR team. You’re going to be passionate about what you do and about doing it well. One common theme of all Beacon clients is this – they are good people doing good things. Good thinking breeds passion for excellence and a continued striving for the next level. We love to see a client or potential client who’s on the “good thinking” pathway because we know that will inspire our creative experts and business savvy to round out the picture with every little detail and to fully develop those creative power-punches.

:: Good People. Good Deeds. Good Thinking. Beacon PR & you. Now that’s G! Chuckle… ::

For a quick tour of the ABCs of Marketing – including “G is for Good Thinking” with the Stillwater Mediauras app, visit to print a flyer of root images and scan away for interactive videos.


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