John or Juan? Being audience aware in your content marketing

11 Mar

Do you find yourself in a new culture sometimes – litarally or figuratively? Venturing off into unknown areas of political or cultural sensitivities can be tricky, for sure. Jargon cripples you; doesn’t save you or make you look smarter. Misprounouncing a name you could’ve researched can matter quite a lot!  In Beacon Sales Trainer Lane Bruder’s joking voice, “c’mon folks. Pa’ ‘tention.”

Ask the right questions and pay attention so you may anticipate those new territories and handle them a little more smoothly.

–         Being  aware of your industry and context will always give you invaluable insights.

–          Then, be confident in your own competence. 

–         Asking questions is ok if you’ve done the obvious research.

–         Honesty is always the best policy, so keep it real and represent yourself with truth.

–         Watch the jargon and acronyms. Be simple, straight-forward and relatable.

–         Don’t try to sound smarter about something than you are.

Ask intelligent questions, do your research and be sensitive to those around you. Whether they’re Juan or John may be important to them and the future of the project, relationships and results.

Understanding difference (generational, gender, region, personality style, birth order, religion, corporate, industry, etc.) is a huge conversation – a book, not a blog. While that’s one of my favorite subjects, I’ll spare you all that’s whirling through my head and just urge you to never take a big marketing leap or accept an introductory meeting without appropriate information so you can be sensitive to those around you.

Remember the “You first and me too,” rule from a previous blog, which reminds us about always putting others first but not allowing ourselves to be disrespected in the process. Put others first by being awesome at what you do and by researching all relevant issues before you embark in any direction. Then, be open, honest and approachable as you propose your ideas and marketing solutions for the best of the project or organization.

:: Shout when you need help. After all, we are here to light your way to relationships and results! ::


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