Is Leadership a Pass/Fail Journey?

5 Jul

Is leadership a pass/fail journey? If so, what are the criteria, who are the judges and when are grades reported?

Many leaders don’t even acknowledge they’re leaders. They have a position and they view their daytime hours as a job or possibly a career; but not exactly leadership. Some equate leadership with some level of management – like you’re only in “leadership” if there’s a VP in your title. YOU are a leader if you’re a mom, a student, a teacher, an administrative assistant or a CEO. Whatever our path, we all have points of leadership and the potential of guiding others and an overall group in a certain direction. So, while there are basic performance expectations of your position at work (whether carefully crafted forms in a corporate procedure and protocol manual or even just loosely stated expectations from a loved one), your pass/fail journey through leadership efforts doesn’t work that way.

How do you define good leadership?

Focus on the kind of leader you WANT to be. Starting there is wise because you zoom out from the realities of today’s pressure, circumstances and limitations. You take the lid off and really dream. How do you want people to describe you in the future? Invest some time to envision your future as a leader. In Cathy Jameson’s new blog,, she sets a tone for what will continue to be a great outpouring of her beliefs about “leadership of self and others”. Check it out. Also, drop by Cathy McCullough’s resource for leaders, Meanwhile, think carefully about your goals as a leader, personally and professionally. Write those goals and put plans into motion to begin making them happen.

Focus on who you are today. You can’t set out to be a subject matter expert or reputable content marketing creator (hint for our next blog) if you don’t have that skillset, haven’t done that research and/or aren’t qualified. Be an expert before you set your sights on being a leader.

Treat leadership like a skillset you must craft. Prioritize the agenda laid out before you on your ideal leadership goals. Then you’ll define your own criteria, you’ll study the traits of great leaders and learn from others to refine your weaknesses into strengths and to amplify your innate positive qualities. Work for leadership and you’ll find that you’re passing one day at a time, as judged by all audiences including the one that may matter most to your future: you!

:: Rest well. Work hard. Be led. Do right. We’ll be cheering you on! ::

P.S. Here’s a quick video to get your wheels turning in exploring your leadership plans, in the voice of Beacon PR designer & strategist Rebecca Henley.


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