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Get the “how” questions out of your way

22 Oct

Sometimes you know what you want and where you want to go, but get hung up trying to understand HOW to get there.

How do you find time to move the strategic ball closer to the goal?

How do you create and maintain a list that is going to work for your direct mail, enews and referrals?

How do you choose certain software over another?

How do you craft a message to resonate best with the decision makers in your audience?

How do you measure, maximize and report the ROI from what you’re doing so far?

How do you justify a change in yellow pages ads and a new SEO campaign?

How do you make room in the budget so your reception area matches your branding better?

How do you retain business you seem to be losing because of the way people are handled on the phone or at first impression?

There are so many “how” questions swimming in your heads, right? It may seem easier to just chip away at the same ol’ daily tasks that may or may not be moving you in the right direction so the list of “how” questions continues to grow but never thoroughly, proactively be addressed.

I will always remember when Jordan stormed back from a meeting with a client who’d made the comment, “Oh I could do this myself if I just had the time.” While on the surface, she knew they meant they could write something up, she also knew at a deeper level that they couldn’t master the messaging like she could. She’d been immersed in their cause for months, interviewing many and researching much. So, this flippant “Oh, I could do this” comment from the client felt like a huge statement of her/Beacon’s lack of value to the project at hand.

Certainly, some people have a greater level of expertise in marketing or strategic communications than others, yet the in-the-trenches, daily task-oriented knowledge is invaluable to the success of programming and communications as well. Thus, a partnership is required to responsibly address the “how” questions.

In the case of this example, it wasn’t long before Jordan’s client not only saw the value of the expertise of a team understanding and pursuing his goals thoroughly, but he developed a mutual flow of information so he could do what he did best, while we answered some of those “how” questions and moved things ahead comfortably. Sometimes the best way to get past the molehill of “how” questions before they become a detrimental , costly mountain,  is to partner together at a deep level so we can help advise you on the very best “HOW” – the strategy to the tactics to get it done.

:: Hope the “how”s aren’t getting in your way today! ::