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Never Say Never?

9 Jul

Never say never. Well, sometimes say never. Strong COEs make decisions. They don’t get stuck in an almost decision or suffer from that ongoing task force to address every possible issue pertaining to the decision that should’ve already been made. Sometimes you have to make a firm decision. Draw a line in the sand. Sometimes you have to forget the popular choice, do what’s right and press ahead with clear focus. As a strong communicator, you must listen carefully to make educated decisions and then – scary as it may be – you must make that decision and stick with it. Do what’s ultimately good for the end goal. Making the decision is only part of the success story. Communication (both listening and presenting) will get the ball the rest of the way to the goal. You’ll be a better decision maker when you’re listening well and you’ll be a better communicator when you are passionate about the decision and resulting outcomes. Be confident in your daily marketing and overall operations decisions – even the far-reaching, occasional claims for “never” and “always”. Knowing when to say never is a skill, so study other decision makers, leaders and wildly successful individuals, teams and organizations. Learn from others’ strengths and mistakes. Let that inspiration feed you as you snowball it all up – your own powerful instincts, the leading of your creator, all the input you can gather about the decision before you and the provided circumstances – snowball it all up into one big, giant, good mix of nevers, sometimeses, maybes and alwayses you believe in and communicate well. People will join you.


Master, Pro, Guru, Expert, Opinion Leader…

7 Jul

“Strive for mastery, big or small. Your audience will be impressed.” That’s the closing line of this quick video, narrated by Beacon PR’s strategist Rebecca Henley (and we think she says niche funny. Don’t you? Ha!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3XmzpBRNbg Well, what do you think about that statement and the idea that being THE pro will matter to your target audience?

Example one for your consideration: Do you think most preachers know Dr. Moeller’s general position on hot topics today? Just take a preview of the topics highlighted on the left pane of his blog http://www.albertmohler.com/. He’s taking a stance and staying in the content marketing arena regularly. If you’re a prospective seminary student or a pastor looking for the next book to read, do you see how it’s easy to respect Dr. Moeller’s level of notoriety and industry-recognized expertise? Do you think professors and other leaders are eager to be part of his administration at Southern Seminary?

Example two: When a colleague expressed interest in adding another monitor to our office for presentations, why do you think I was so quick to mention a client who can advise us from concept to installation? Aspen Custom Electronics knows the latest in digital signage, beyond just a conference room style TV set up. They’ll mount it and I can stay focused on doing what I do – not putting screws in the wrong place or investing in last year’s technology instead of the modern versions. I trust them with that decision and want to rely on their expertise.

I could go on! Look to the global marketing for your industry, the regional habits of your subject area and your local perspectives. Do you see gurus? The go-to person?

While every campaign Beacon touches is completely customized and no one size fits all, my bet is that your audience will care about your level of expertise, at least to some degree.

Strive for mastery, big or small. Your audience will be impressed. In today’s information age, content is king. Your ability to create meaningful material for the web-scouring potential customers out there will be crucial to your success. Harvesting success stories from existing customers and turning them into branding ambassadors and/or additional content creators will be another key aspect of your marketing programming. Gone are the days when marketing plans consist of direct mail, enews, media hits, signage, ads and a few special events. Regular content blitzing into every channel viewers may be peeking is the name of the game. Content marketing is the game changer and your marketing budgets and plans need to be keeping up. Your website is the hub, so ensure that it’s built on the best platform with the greatest security for the future – all centered around a content manager that empowers dynamic updates and customization. Gone are the days when “experts” had to have PhDs and spent each waking moment in research and teaching. Some still do, but you can add a megaphone to your brand through positioning yourself or others on your team as the guru, expert and go-to pro. Find your niche (neesh, as Rebecca would say 🙂 ) and build your level of expertise to such a fluent level, you have information and content pouring – oozing – out of you with confidence and clarity. Package that in a meaningful, relevant, powerful, professional yet real and fast manner. Your audience will stand up and take notice while competitors look on and wonder how you’re churning it out. Building momentum from the expertise you can portray through effective marketing systems will help add fuel to the fire when editors take notice, stories are placed, and visitors pour in. Be THAT GUY. Be the guru. Make it happen. LOVE IT every step of the way!

:: Need help? Beacon can explain content marketing more and help you find your voice and prioritize the right channels. Here’s to your mastery! ::

How would you grade your facilities?

11 Oct

Ok, so your website is rich with class and easy to navigate. Your team is handling callers well on the phone. Referrals are strong and you’re on a roll. Yet the first time a client, customer, patient, key vendors or crucial lead steps into your place of business, they’re greeted with cigarette butts, wilted plants, discarded candy wrappers, dead crickets or dirty windows. Paint colors aren’t at all like the rest of the online branding or printed materials that brought them to you and the chairs are dingy and worn. Your facility is, in essence, another medium in your branding package! Is it earning an A grade? Your signage and interior design are marketing. So, make them count.

“Wow, a PR firm with an opinion about my lobby colors?” If that’s what you’re thinking, join the crowd and welcome to the first step in understanding what’s different about the Beacon Public Relations team. We care about a great result for you. We can’t sleep at night when you invest in a beautiful website branded with, say, blue, green and black…and then never update your burgundy & beige lobby or create a system for keeping things clean. Even the best online presence we can create for you and the most perfectly placed ads we can design, record & place for you, are all wasted if they set an expectation your facility can’t uphold.

“Oh gosh, this is gross. Am I in the right place? I thought they were high tech and state-of-the-art, but this looks like state-of-the-70s, complete with cranky receptionist,” is the last transitionary thought we want crossing the minds of the leads we helped bring your way. The facility, the verbal skills and the overall operations of your organization are ALL going to play a role in the success of your marketing. So, it matters to us. Make sure and get a Beacon A (top grade) on your Beacon F (facilities). 😉

Hey, this is a tough one and we get that. We’re renting a space downtown and have invested obscene amounts (in my opinion, noting I’m crazy frugal) on signage, blinds and paint yet we still need carpet, a wall portfolio and much more. Now the window is broken and the landlord refuses to fix it now. The conference space has peach paint, water spots on the ceiling and aged matting on what could be really neat art. It’s tough to run a business and keep up with all of these details and we’re being challenged on this first hand more than ever before. We simply challenge you, like us, to be on a journey to improvement and acknowledge that our facilities and physical spaces are indeed a reflection of our level to quality and responsibility. Not only is important to be clean, but overly elaborate spaces can also send a message that could be detrimental to public opinion. I was in a new bank building today with a giant raised roof serving no purpose at all and more empty offices than occupied offices. Does that leave customers wondering how a bank can afford such obvious overspending? Does it make customers wonder why the bank isn’t doing well enough to fully staff their offices & fill their spaces? It most certainly crossed my mind. The point, again, is that your space planning matters. Clean, appropriate and on track with your overall messaging – that’s the key. Fancy? Not necessarily. Ornate? Not for everyone. Consider your audience, your industry and the factors unique to your situation and don’t cut corners. 


Thoughts? What facilities gross you out or impress you?



If you’re following the Beacon Mediauras & the Marketing Alphabet, you’ve seen that A is for your aura or brand, B is for finding the beacon or beacons that work to light your way. C is for the all-important link between creativity and a comprehensive strategy. D is for staying determined and on task. E is for the efficiency to effectiveness ratio. Now you know F is for facilities & how your literal image does in fact matter to your branding image. Visit www.DefineYourAura.com for more on Mediauras and an image linking to quickie, interactive videos on the entire Marketing Alphabet.

ABCs of Marketing – D is for Determination

4 Oct

Are you doing your time or do you really have a fire in your belly to reach a particular goal? Are you determined and on target, based on a meaningful strategy? Or are you just trying to get through your days? Be determined, starting right now. Develop your vision and map out how to get there and then base future decisions on that vision.

Imagine the days of old when enthusiastic sailors and business people embarked on a journey. Whether they were well prepared or not, strong or weak, planned the right route or worked from a bad map – there were many things that could complicate their trip to the desired destination. Being determined in the beginning is one thing. Combating burnout, overcoming objections and staying the course is quite another set of challenges. Staying on target to your end goal and wisely riding the waves of change to where you might even end up somewhere better than you planned – well that’s all about having a strategy that’s true to you.

Imagine the sailor now worn out and exhausted, searching for a way to regroup. Then, there. In the distance. A light. It’s consistent. It’s true. It never waivers. The captain and all on board trust, “I can just keep my eye in that direction, keep my ship pointed that way and I’ll get to a place where I can rest up, think it through, regroup and stay the course.” A beacon. That’s beautiful. Don’t you think? 

Be determined and on track, based on a strategy. Keep your eye on the light and stay the course.

Author Jim Collins uses example after example of how strong leaders carefully plot their course and then, with devotion and determination, they stick to that plan. Stillwater investment and insurance guru Patricia Huffman was recently talking about how so many young families WANT to make a plan and they don’t get around to it until they’ve lost some crucial opportunities. Worse, some people make a plan and then change the course so often that no plan ever reaches as positive a destination as the potential. Many professionals today don’t have to “imagine” the burnout, regret and Monday-morning-dread that consumes us when we’re not taking a proactive position to live with intention and determination! They don’t have to imagine, because they’re living it every day. STOP! No matter what your position or rank, you can set goals and be on mission. Pick yourself up and set out with refreshed hopes and renewed clarity.

Whether you’ve got “I’ll get around to it, but right now I have to…” disease or you have “Well, but what about that new idea” rabbit chasing disease, your marketing success will be weakened. The best marketers work hand-in-hand with operational executives to lead the company and all audiences in the same healthy direction. Audiences will watch you when you know where you’re going. Your sense of purpose gives employees, customers and everyone in between a sense of commitment and clarity, fueling efficient success.

Set out on your journey with your destination in site and a determination to get there! Get help along the way and work as a team to make sure your intentions don’t waver and your efforts aren’t threatened. Reach success one day, one project, one person at a time. ::


Beacon ABCs of Marketing – all Mediauras

21 Sep

Beacon ABCs of Marketing - all Mediauras

Download the “Stillwater Mediauras” app and scan these letters to get quickie videos on the ABCs of Marketing! If you’re on your phone now, click this picture to go straight to the download.

Introducing Stillwater Mediauras and the Beacon alphabet

18 Sep

Not long ago, we were still giving the “Yes, you do need a website” speech. For some, we have helped determine if QR codes had any value to the overall strategy and helped educate the region about apps (industry-specific and general media). More recently, we’ve enjoyed helping people understand how interactive television advertising can be. As the medias are all meshing together and mobile applications continue to be on the rise of demand, Mediauras are going to be a great tool for you. So, our creative team has now mastered the ins and outs of that app’s potential so we can help you understand the best ways for creating and using auras – or linked videos that match your brand and tie to the physical world. In doing so, we’ve created…dundundun…

a Beacon Mediauras Alphabet that is fully linkable within the Stillwater Mediauras app.

See http://www.DefineYourAura.com for details. If you’re on your iphone/ipad as you read this, it’s simply http://itunes.com/apps/stillwatermediauras. Here’s a video about Stillwater Mediauras http://youtu.be/wwhbv6IWSwI and here’s a super quickie video about how it works http://youtu.be/fvuS8Vfodzs. We look forward to helping you in any way and rolling out the Mediauras app for other regions very soon. Call Lane “the Aura guy” Bruder at 405.624.5018 for a quick, complimentary conversation about your QR codes, Mediaura presence or other app ideas. Also, after much prodding from my team, a quick blog of marketing advice based on the the ABCs of Marketing we sometimes reference is on the way. So, keep an eye out right here. :: Our best to you ::