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ABCs of Marketing – C is for Creative and Comprehensive

27 Sep

No matter how creative your designs are and ingenious your strategies may be, they aren’t going to work unless YOU’RE WORKING THEM! You have to have the entire comprehensive picture coming together for any creativity to really count. So, they (creative & comprehensive) go hand-in-hand.

Getting creative :: Sometimes getting creative means a fresh start, breaking loose, taking the lid off of what IS to think about what COULD BE. Break the status quo. Try something new. Start by reaching out far and wide. Make sure no “norms” are holding the creative spirit back. Then, we challenge you to go back to the basics. Think function and clarity. Creative designs that are cutesy and make the brand’s owner all thrilled because it “looks so snazzy,” can be failures if people can’t see them, remember them and act on them. Get creative, funky and totally jiggy with it. Then jump back into reality and see if your creative solution still works to press ahead. If so, WINNER!

Keeping focused on a comprehensive plan :: An awesome, clear and catchy brand that goes on some business cards – great. If it’s carried out into a look & feel for the online presence and other communications tools – now you’re talking! Creative solutions must be used, pumped out into the world, put into action. Comprehensive operational plans that work cohesively with strategic communications will always be more successful. PR and marketing efforts must intertwine with operational goals and the organization’s current and future direction. Creative deliverables and a series of completed tasks aren’t going to work unless YOU work THEM. “Working” them involves employing an intentional, comprehensive plan of action and tracking your results.  The best “strategic plan” will take you nowhere if it never moves past the binder of wish list documents and into a workable, achievable action plan about which your team is passionate.

Take Creativity and Comprehensive Marketing mentality to an organization-wide discussion. :: Your team’s commitment and your clear leadership will be crucial to the success of a creative, comprehensive, effective, efficient way of marketing. Having an opportunity for creative expression is helpful for every personality style and job description. Accountants and programmers need an opportunity to invest in the creative messaging, so don’t leave everything in the laps of your graphic designers and/or marketing reps. A team approach will not only create greater commitment but offer your normal “creative team” invaluable insights to keep the campaign grounded in the daily operational realities of the organization. Giving your team an opportunity to know where you’re headed with operational  contribute to creative direction will increase effectiveness in an overwhelmingly positive way.



Meet Beacon Designer Kylie Vincent & hear her take on Beacon’s “C is for Creative and Comprehensive” approach: http://youtu.be/jKM_U5mOTQU


The ABCs of Marketing – B is for Beacon

25 Sep

Is life  mostly smooth-sailing in your world these days? Or are you recovering from a storm? Either way, are you anticipating a few upcoming waves? Like a crew on the sea diligently trying to reach success, doesn’t the idea of a tireless beacon of light signaling your best direction sound refreshing as you emerge from the dark to a safe place to rest up, regroup and stay the course? This concept is at the core and obvious namesake of Beacon Public Relations, here to steady the path and light the way to clients’ better relationships and stronger results for years to come.

As I write this, I sit in a teeny office right across from Stillwater, Oklahoma’s historic Postal Plaza. It’s now under renovation to become an art gallery and museum, I’m told. I walked up those steps years ago to meet with the board of a local non profit organization and their director, who is now a dear friend. I’d had wonderful professional developments and worked in agencies representing multiple clients before. However, my work with that non profit organization provided me the discovery of how a partnership – the beacon-style partnership like a steady lighthouse to a powerful ship – could be such a wonderful journey to share.

Wherever you are in your journey, consider the right partners to serve as your beacon. Spend time instilling your vision into them so they can unite as your comprehensive resource for security and success. From CPAs and financial planners, to employees, contractors and vendors – not to mention your Beacon PR trainers – choose your light source carefully. Please also allow me to stray from professional norms a moment and share my own personal belief that your career must be showered in prayer. Using discipline to focus on God’s intention throughout your days will open channels to joy and help reveal the right partners. Our awesome counselor will surprise you with countless opportunities and challenges, staying with you along the way. Trust Him and surrender. Follow THE beacon and, who knows, maybe that’ll lead to a partnership with Beacon PR someday! We sure love our days (storms & all) and our clients! :: We hope you love your days, too. ::



Beacon ABCs of Marketing – all Mediauras

21 Sep

Beacon ABCs of Marketing - all Mediauras

Download the “Stillwater Mediauras” app and scan these letters to get quickie videos on the ABCs of Marketing! If you’re on your phone now, click this picture to go straight to the download.

Introducing Stillwater Mediauras and the Beacon alphabet

18 Sep

Not long ago, we were still giving the “Yes, you do need a website” speech. For some, we have helped determine if QR codes had any value to the overall strategy and helped educate the region about apps (industry-specific and general media). More recently, we’ve enjoyed helping people understand how interactive television advertising can be. As the medias are all meshing together and mobile applications continue to be on the rise of demand, Mediauras are going to be a great tool for you. So, our creative team has now mastered the ins and outs of that app’s potential so we can help you understand the best ways for creating and using auras – or linked videos that match your brand and tie to the physical world. In doing so, we’ve created…dundundun…

a Beacon Mediauras Alphabet that is fully linkable within the Stillwater Mediauras app.

See http://www.DefineYourAura.com for details. If you’re on your iphone/ipad as you read this, it’s simply http://itunes.com/apps/stillwatermediauras. Here’s a video about Stillwater Mediauras http://youtu.be/wwhbv6IWSwI and here’s a super quickie video about how it works http://youtu.be/fvuS8Vfodzs. We look forward to helping you in any way and rolling out the Mediauras app for other regions very soon. Call Lane “the Aura guy” Bruder at 405.624.5018 for a quick, complimentary conversation about your QR codes, Mediaura presence or other app ideas. Also, after much prodding from my team, a quick blog of marketing advice based on the the ABCs of Marketing we sometimes reference is on the way. So, keep an eye out right here. :: Our best to you ::